6:43pm August 22, 2014

“Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder.”

—  -Syreeta McFadden
5:44pm August 22, 2014
I swear, these people will riot and loot over a fucking hockey game.
(I know you can’t tell because they’re covering their faces, but I am assured they’re all black.)

I swear, these people will riot and loot over a fucking hockey game.

(I know you can’t tell because they’re covering their faces, but I am assured they’re all black.)

5:11pm August 22, 2014
is the later option open to you?

It’s always something I can pursue. But we always talked about “impact” - as in, having it. It’s the ultimate in career satisfaction.

I feel I can have way more impact as a teacher.

4:03pm August 22, 2014

In the beginning the Universe was created.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

— Douglas Adams, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
3:37pm August 22, 2014

Substitute Teaching

Being a substitute, at least where I sub, is actually pretty fun. You get exposed to a variety of subjects, a variety of teaching methods, and a variety of kids. It certainly creates interesting questions and comparisons.

There are a couple of classes where the kids are very well-behaved and I think I should arrange to sit-in on the class when the teacher is there so I can observe their classroom management approach.

Of course, well-behaved doesn’t a priori mean they’re learning, but it sure helps. 

The downside when subbing for a teacher with whom you are not familiar is that you don’t know what to expect or why the instructor chose that particular activity. Sometimes you only figure it out in hindsight, but it’d be nice to be able to explain it to the occasional student who doesn’t buy-into what they’re doing.

I’m still paid about the same as someone who works at Bodo’s Bagels. I want to be a teacher but I gotta say I question why I do this rather than go back to making twice the money saving American lives for DoD.

2:29pm August 22, 2014

 Oklahoma Cop Charged With Raping 6 Women While on Patrol




trigger warning: rape, sexual assault

An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested Thursday and charged sexually assaulting at least six women while he was on patrol, though police expect more alleged victims to come forward.

Daniel Holtzclaw is charged with rape, oral sodomy and sexual battery. The three-year veteran of the force is being held on a $5 million bond, Reuters reports.

Police said the assaults took place while Holtzclaw was on the job, in some cases as a result of traffic stops.

alright first of all it’s really important to know that he attacked black women ages 34-58, where he demanded they expose themselves, fondle them, raping them, and either asking or demanding oral sex from them.

ladies of oklahoma, if you’ve been attacked by this man, most likely during traffic stops, please don’t be scared to report. this guy’s looking at life in prison and i’m sure your brave contribution would confirm his confinement.

jesus christ

1:56pm August 22, 2014

Fark Rides Again

Rapmaster2000: (Sarcasically lampooning the Tea Party’s response to Ferguson) "The Tea Party is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of ordinary citizens who are only concerned about the budget."


1:45pm August 22, 2014

 Free speech and the Roberts Court: uncertain protections